how to fold a wetsuit

Folding a wetsuit properly helps maintain its shape and prolong its life. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fold a wetsuit:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Wetsuit


  1. Lay the Wetsuit Flat:
    • Find a clean and flat surface to work on, such as a table or the ground. Lay your wetsuit out flat with the front (chest area) facing down and the back (zipper side) facing up.
  2. Straighten the Arms and Legs:
    • Carefully straighten out the wetsuit’s arms and legs, ensuring that there are no wrinkles or folds. Smooth out any creases with your hands.
  3. Fold the Legs Up:
    • Fold the bottom portion of the wetsuit (the legs) up towards the chest area. The goal is to bring the bottom of the legs to about the midsection of the wetsuit.
  4. Fold in the Sides:
    • Fold each side of the wetsuit inward, aligning the edges of the wetsuit with the centerline. This will create a long, narrow rectangle shape.
  5. Fold the Top Down:
    • Fold the top part of the wetsuit (the chest area) down over the legs and side folds. Ensure that the folds are smooth and even.
  6. Check for Wrinkles:
    • Before finalizing the fold, check for any wrinkles or creases in the wetsuit. Smooth them out with your hands if necessary.
  7. Store or Transport:
    • Your wetsuit is now neatly folded and ready to be stored or transported. You can place it in a wetsuit bag or hang it in a cool, dry place.

When folding a wetsuit, it’s essential to avoid any sharp bends or tight creases, as these can damage the neoprene material. Properly folding your wetsuit helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear and ensures that it maintains its flexibility and shape for your next water adventure.

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