how to get college football revamped on ps4

“College Football Revamped” is a popular fan-made modification (mod) for the NCAA Football video game series. It is not an official game or downloadable content (DLC) available on platforms like the PS4. The mod is typically created and used on older NCAA Football games, such as NCAA Football 14.

To enjoy College Football Revamped, you would need to follow specific installation instructions on compatible platforms like Xbox 360 or use emulator software on a PC to play NCAA Football 14 with the mod. However, it’s essential to note that using mods or emulators may violate the terms of service of your gaming platform or game publisher, so proceed at your own discretion and risk.

Please keep in mind that the availability of mods and their compatibility with gaming consoles can change over time, so it’s a good idea to check dedicated online communities and forums for the latest information and installation guides related to College Football Revamped or other mods you may be interested in. Additionally, consider that the modding community may have evolved or expanded since my last update.

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