What to Do After Being Injured in a Hit and Run Accident?

Experiencing a hit and run accident can be traumatic and unsettling. However, understanding the appropriate steps to take immediately after the incident can provide some reassurance, ensuring that you receive the necessary care and deserved compensation. To protect your rights and receive compensation after being injured in a car accident, legal help from a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer is necessary.

While being involved in a hit and run can be a distressing experience, knowing what steps to take can help ensure you receive what you are entitled to. Your safety and well-being should always be the priority. Even after the accident, you should strive to protect your rights with the required legal assistance.

Here are some important steps you should take after being injured in a hit and run accident.

Step 1: Assess Your Safety

Firstly, you should check for injuries and ensure your safety. If your injuries are severe, seek immediate medical attention. Even if you think you’re unscathed, it’s essential to get evaluated by a healthcare professional as some injuries may not manifest immediately. In addition, you should also check on the condition of others involved in the accident and do the needed.

Step 2: Call the Authorities

Once safe, you should call the police. In fact, reporting the incident swiftly can increase the chances of the hit-and-run driver being apprehended. You should also provide them with as much information as you can remember about the accident.

Step 3: Gather Information

If you’re able, try to gather as much evidence as possible about the incident. This includes noting down the make, model, and license plate number of the fleeing vehicle, if possible, as well as the time, location, and circumstances of the accident. You should also look for any witnesses who might have seen the incident and can provide a statement. If feasible, take photographs of the scene.

Step 4: Seek Legal Guidance

After attending to your immediate needs and reporting the incident, it’s advisable to seek legal guidance. A lawyer can guide you through the process of filing a claim with your insurance company and pursuing a legal case if the hit-and-run driver is identified.

Step 5: Notify Your Insurance Company

You should also report the incident to your insurance company promptly. Depending on your policy, you may be covered for hit-and-run accidents under uninsured motorist coverage.

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