how to fold bolt stroller

Folding a Bolt stroller is a straightforward process, and most strollers of this type have a similar folding mechanism. Here’s a general guide on how to fold a Bolt stroller:

Please Note: Always refer to your specific Bolt stroller’s user manual for detailed instructions, as the exact steps may vary slightly depending on the model.

Steps to Fold a Bolt Stroller:

  1. Prepare the Stroller:
    • Ensure that the stroller is on a flat and stable surface. Remove any items or accessories from the stroller, such as bags or toys.
  2. Engage the Brake:
    • Activate the stroller’s brake system to secure it in place and prevent it from rolling while you fold it.
  3. Adjust the Seat (if applicable):
    • If your Bolt stroller has a reclining seat, make sure it is in the upright and locked position.
  4. Locate the Folding Mechanism:
    • Find the folding mechanism or latch on the stroller. This is typically located near the stroller’s handlebar or in the vicinity of the frame.
  5. Release the Latch:
    • Depress the folding latch or release button. This may involve pressing a button, lever, or sliding a lock mechanism. The exact method varies by stroller model.
  6. Begin Folding:
    • With the latch released, start folding the stroller. Push the handlebar downward towards the stroller’s frame. As you do this, the front and rear wheels should start moving closer together.
  7. Continue Folding:
    • Keep pushing the handlebar downward until the stroller fully collapses into a compact, folded position. Ensure that all the components fit together securely.
  8. Secure the Fold:
    • Many Bolt strollers have an automatic lock or a latch that will secure the stroller in its folded position. Ensure that it engages to prevent accidental unfolding.
  9. Carry or Store:
    • Your Bolt stroller is now folded and ready for storage or transport. You can carry it by the handlebar or place it in the trunk of your car.

To Unfold the Stroller:

  1. Unlock the Fold:
    • Locate and release the folding latch or lock mechanism to unlock the stroller.
  2. Begin Unfolding:
    • While holding the stroller, gently lift the handlebar upwards. This will start to unfold the stroller.
  3. Fully Unfold:
    • Continue lifting the handlebar until the stroller is fully unfolded and locked into its open position. Ensure that all parts are securely in place.
  4. Check Safety Features:
    • Verify that the stroller’s brake is disengaged and that the seat (if applicable) is in the desired position.

Always consult your specific Bolt stroller’s user manual for precise instructions, as there may be variations in the folding mechanism and additional features depending on the model. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures safe and proper operation of your stroller.

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