how to fix shoes that are peeling inside

If the inside of your shoes is peeling, it can be uncomfortable and affect the longevity of your footwear. Here are steps to fix shoes that are peeling inside:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Shoe glue or adhesive
  • Small brush or applicator
  • Clamps or heavy objects (optional)
  • Shoe inserts or insoles (optional)
  • Shoe conditioner or moisturizer (optional)


  1. Clean the Shoes:
    • Before attempting any repairs, make sure the inside of your shoes is clean and free of dirt or debris. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them dry completely.
  2. Assess the Damage:
    • Examine the peeling areas to determine the extent of the damage. Look for loose or detached lining, insoles, or padding.
  3. Reattach Loose Linings or Insoles:
    • If the lining or insoles are partially detached but still in good condition, you can reattach them using shoe glue or adhesive. Apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to both the shoe’s interior surface and the back of the lining or insole. Press the two surfaces together and hold them in place for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to bond. You can use clamps or place a heavy object inside the shoe to apply pressure while the adhesive sets.
  4. Replace Damaged Insoles:
    • If the insoles are severely damaged or cannot be reattached properly, consider replacing them with new insoles or padded inserts. These can provide added comfort and support.
  5. Repair Cracks or Tears:
    • If there are cracks or tears in the shoe’s inner lining, you can use shoe glue or adhesive to mend them. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the damaged area, press the edges together, and hold them in place until the adhesive sets. Ensure that the repair is smooth and even for comfort.
  6. Condition or Moisturize the Leather (if applicable):
    • If the peeling is happening on leather shoes, it’s a good idea to condition or moisturize the leather after making the necessary repairs. Leather conditioners can help maintain the leather’s suppleness and prevent future peeling.
  7. Allow Adequate Drying Time:
    • Give the repaired areas sufficient time to dry and set. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations for drying times.
  8. Wear with Care:
    • Be mindful of how you wear and treat your repaired shoes. Avoid excessively rough or strenuous activities that might put additional stress on the repaired areas.
  9. Regular Maintenance:
    • To extend the life of your shoes and prevent further peeling, practice regular shoe maintenance. Keep your shoes clean, dry, and stored properly when not in use.
  10. Consider Professional Repair:
    • If the damage is extensive or beyond your repair abilities, consider taking your shoes to a professional cobbler or shoe repair shop. They have the expertise and equipment to handle more complex repairs.

By following these steps and taking proper care of your shoes, you can extend their lifespan and enjoy comfortable and well-maintained footwear.

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