how to fix mole tunnels under pool liner

Mole tunnels under a pool liner can be a nuisance, and addressing this issue requires care to avoid damaging the pool liner. Here are steps to fix mole tunnels under a pool liner:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Shovel or garden trowel
  • Mole traps or deterrents
  • Garden hose
  • Mole repellent or castor oil-based repellent
  • Soil or sand (for backfilling)


  1. Identify Mole Activity:
    • Confirm that moles are indeed the cause of the tunnels under your pool liner. Look for fresh molehills, raised ridges in your lawn, or signs of mole tunnels near the pool.
  2. Remove the Pool Liner (if necessary):
    • If the mole tunnels are causing significant issues, you may need to temporarily remove a section of the pool liner to access the tunnels. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance on safely removing and reattaching the liner.
  3. Locate Mole Tunnels:
    • Using a shovel or garden trowel, carefully locate the mole tunnels that run under the pool liner. Be cautious not to puncture or damage the liner during this process.
  4. Install Mole Traps or Deterrents:
    • There are various mole traps and deterrents available on the market. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up mole traps near the active tunnels. Alternatively, you can use mole deterrents that emit vibrations or sounds to discourage moles from entering the area.
  5. Flood the Tunnels:
    • To encourage the moles to move out of the tunnels, you can temporarily flood the tunnels with water from a garden hose. This will make the tunnels inhospitable for the moles and may drive them away.
  6. Apply Mole Repellent:
    • Consider applying a mole repellent or a castor oil-based repellent to the area surrounding the pool. These repellents can deter moles from digging in the vicinity.
  7. Backfill Tunnels:
    • Once you’ve addressed the mole problem, carefully backfill the tunnels with soil or sand, being mindful not to damage the pool liner. Gently tamp down the backfilled soil to ensure it is level with the surrounding area.
  8. Reattach or Repair the Pool Liner:
    • If you had to remove a section of the pool liner, reattach or repair it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be cautious to avoid wrinkles or folds in the liner during reinstallation.
  9. Monitor for Activity:
    • Keep an eye on the area for any signs of renewed mole activity. If moles return, you may need to repeat some of the steps or consider professional pest control assistance.
  10. Prevent Future Infestations:
    • To prevent moles from returning, consider implementing measures such as installing physical barriers like underground fencing, maintaining a well-manicured lawn to reduce food sources, or consulting with a pest control professional for long-term mole control solutions.

Remember that mole control can be challenging, and it’s essential to take steps to prevent mole infestations from recurring. Additionally, when dealing with a pool liner, exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging it during the process. If you’re unsure about any steps or the extent of the mole problem, consider seeking advice from a pest control expert or a professional pool maintenance service.

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